Accountability Caucus

re-networking based on respect & accountability

We have been developing the way to articulate the ‘new tradition’:

• We rebelled against that good old rage habit
• We re-networked based on the values of the client culture
• It was principle over against the the politics of personality
• We framed the work program as a dialogue agenda
• We are making the links for the discourse of respect
• The ‘social death sentence’ approach engenders the dialogue
• .. [more work will follow]

  “ .. defending the meaningful role of personal sensitivity and empathy”  

Accountability Caucus Goes National

Proposal for a National Organization

Grassroots Congress Initiative

NO-LIST Organizing Tool

Time for Action

 Dillon Beach, CA
We have to ask ourselves the question, “What will move the clients movement forward?” The answer seems to depend on how you view the related question, “What makes the clients so fractious in relating to one another?”


Discourse of Respect

Counter Started 8-21-00
Dialogue Agenda

 El Gato

Social Accountability Discussion List

Social Death Sentence Work List
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